Installation chief

The starting launch of the engineering infrastructure for the data center is one of the essential factors for its continued uninterrupted operation. We produce the solutions that combine a high level of productivity and quality with the ease and simplicity of their installation. If there are technical specialists, the customer can cope with the installation on its own. However, if necessary, we are ready to provide supervision and organizational and technical management of the supply and installation of the equipment.

The specialists of C3Solutions provide:

  • supervision of the installation process
  • general process control during the delivery and installation
  • practical training of the customer’s technical specialists

Serviced solutions:

  • Corridor insulation systems (including those with active panels)
  • Micro data centers
  • PDU
  • UPS
  • Air conditioners

The cost of installation supervision is about 5% of the order value. You can request an accurate budget estimate from your personal manager.