June 24, 2019. Moscow. C3 Solutions, a Russian producer and vendor of DC engineering solutions, presented its solutions at the 4th Annual International Conference and Exhibition “DC: Models, Services, Infrastructure”. The conference was organized by ICS Holding for professionals in the area of DC engineering infrastructure and operation. The event took place on June 13, 2019 in Almaty and gathered over 300 participants from Russia and Kazakhstan – business representatives, integrators, vendors, operators, service providers, and consultants.

“DC: Models, Services, Infrastructure” demonstrated a strong interest of local professionals to matters related both to building of own data centers and using commercial DC services. During the panel discussion, experts discussed main trends of the cloud market and DC market in Russia and Kazakhstan, and the most urgent issues in practice of DC building and operation anywhere in the world, including cost optimization, security enhancement, reduction of implementation terms, operational reliability, mitigation of “human factor” impact, and many others. Leonid Yul, the Leading Presale Engineer of C3 Solutions, was among the active participants of this discussion.

Sergei Nikitin, the Business Development Manager of C3 Solutions, told about advantages of solutions developed and produced in Russia, familiarized the meeting participants with the advanced solutions of C3 Solutions, their customization options and applications in private and public sector of Russia. The project implemented for one commercial DC in Kazakhstan was of special interest to the audience. Within such project, C3 Solutions supplied customized server cabinets and passage insulation systems. All solutions were designed and produced to fit the customer’s special requirements and expectations and supplied in the shortest time.

Maxim Kyrkunov, the General Director of C3 Solutions commented:

We are thankful to ICS Holding for invariably high level of organization of events focused on our market. It is very important for us to improve our expertise owing to understanding of international trends, realize range of problems of both domestic and other markets, master best practices and optimize our solutions with a glance to global trends and innovations. It is one thing to get information from media sources, and it is another thing to communicate with people “live”, discuss nuances and details. Meeting with Kazakh experts and customers gave us a lot of food for thought which we will surely take into account in plans for development of our solutions and services portfolio.