Uninterruptable Power Supply

C3 single-phase uninterruptable power supply (hereinafter referred to as UPS) is intended for no-break power supply of computer, server, telecommunication and industrial equipment.


All models have been designed using topology online and conform to the latest technical requirements:

  • multivoltage (90-295 V),
  • performance coefficient up to 95% during online operation,
  • output power factor equal to 0.9,
  • input power factor equal to 0.99,
  • small coefficient of nonlinear current distortion of up to 2 % during linear load.

Owing to using of high-frequency double conversion and unique control algorithms based on digital signal microprocessor, UPS ensures stable output voltage of regular sinusoidal waveform securing vital loads from all electrical network faults: increased and reduced input voltage, high voltages spikes and dips of input voltage, electric interference and frequency variations.

UPS are made in compact 3U case for installation into 19” cabinet, equipped with control panel with LSD display, have a wide range of communication interfaces: USB, Ethernet, RS-485, dry contacts (with netcard installed).


Parallel operation of up to four UPS allows for stepwise increase of output power with load increase, and create parallel redundant configurations with increase of the power-supply system reliability. In such a manner it is possible to build a single-phase system having a capacity of up to 40 kVA without redundancy or up to 30 kVA with N+1 redundancy.


UPS do not contain built-in batteries, and battery cabinet should be connected for autonomous operation. The required time of autonomous operation is ensured by connecting several battery cabinets of different capacity.


Order Code Product Description Depth/Width/Height
C3.UP1106 C3 UPS 3U, 6 kVA, input 90-295 V, output 220/230/240 V, double conversion 133(3U)x483x512
C3.UP1110 UPS C3 3U, 10 kVA, input 90-295 V, output 220/230/240 V, double conversion 133(3U)x483x512
C3.UP0003 C3 battery cabinet 3U, 12 Ah 133(3U)x483x700
C3.UP0006 C3 battery cabinet 6U, 12 Ah 133(3U)х483х400

One U unit = 44.45 mm (1.75 inches)