DC for Uralsib Bank


Assistance in DC Equipping for Uralsib Bank

Uralsib Bank held a tender for upgrading of the server room. System Integrator Telecom Montazh was selected as the winner.

The system integrator was set the following task: complete the installation of server cabinets and power distribution units by winter holidays.

Telecom Montazh selected our company and set the following tasks to us.


  • Deliver all necessary things to the facility within 4 weeks
  • Deliver cabinets
  • Deliver power distribution units


  • The equipment was delivered within the timeframe specified
  • The high-quality server cabinets were delivered
  • Power distribution units were delivered
  • Readily removableplugs were offered to the Customer for delivery


  • The cabinets were delivered within the timeframe specified
  • We assisted in provision of efficient power supply to servers owing to installation of power units pursuant to 2N layout
  • Plugs which could be easily installed without tools were delivered


  • We helped our partner to meet the timeframe specified by the Bank
  • We helped to ensure efficient operation of IT equipment
  • Installed plugs helped the customer to optimize airflows in the server room