DC for Informatization of All Crimean Public Authorities


Data Center that became the region biggest-ever IT project was created in the Republic of Crimea.

DC Tasks:

  • Creation of regional electronic government infrastructure.
  • Organization of secure centralized storage and processing of information of public authorities.
  • Provision of public services in electronic format.
  • Transfer of workplaces of public officers to the virtual environment.

Within the framework of construction of the Crimean Republican Data Center, a subcontracting organization has offered that some foreign equipment is substituted for domestic equipment, including solutions of C3 Solutions.

The following tasks were set to us:


  • Opportunity to locate and connect critical server equipment.
  • Ensure the uniform computer room design.
  • Optimize the refrigeration system operation and reduce the total level of electrical energy consumption at the facility.


After review of the project details, our experts offered the following solutions:

  • Install 48U cabinets of our own make for more compact installation of server equipment.
  • Use C3 Solutions design as the basic computer room design.
  • Create hot aisle system at the facility.


  • The required equipment was delivered to the facility within the timeframe specified (cabinets, accessories and components of hot aisle insulation systems).
  • We designed and manufactured front panels of equipment for our partners in-house in order to implement the uniform design.
  • Hot aisle insulation systems were installed.


  • Solutions ensuring the uniform design of computer room were developed and implemented.
  • The installed hot aisle insulation system ensured the more efficient cooling of server equipment. This helps to reduce equipment cooling power inputs by 30% in average.
  • The Customer got the opportunity to locate extra 14% of equipment as compared to the initially planned scope with no loss in convenience.