Data center for informatization of all authorities of the Republic of Crimea


Complex project

The Data center was built on the territory of the Republic of Crimea, which became the largest IT project in the history of the region. Its total power consumption for energy is 1 MgV, including IT equipment and engineering systems. A new data center, which meets all the requirements of the international standards, was created to optimize and improve the efficiency of the municipal and executive authorities of the region.

With its help, the Crimean government solves a number of important tasks, including:

  • centralization of the state information systems,
  • reduction of paperwork and the transfer of all administrative processes into electronic form,
  • organization of secure centralized data storage and processing,
  • provision of public services in electronic form and many others.

During the construction of the data center, the contractor proposed to consider the possibility of partially replacing expensive foreign engineering equipment with domestic one. After analyzing the analogues on the market, the customer chose C3 Solutions infrastructural solutions, which are equal to their foreign counterparts in quality and performance, and at the same time they benefit in price and delivery speed.

According to the terms of reference, the manufacturer had to supply the required volumes of the mounting cabinets for the placement and connection of critical server equipment, as well as optimize the operation of the cooling system.

Special circumstances
The calculation of the planned load revealed the need to install more server hardware than it was originally planned. The contractor was given the task: to select such constructs of the mounting racks that would accommodate the entire required volume without reducing the convenience of access to the equipment. As an additional task, the manufacturer had to provide visual harmony and a unified design of the entire machine room.

Having studied all the details of the project, the experts of C3 Solutions suggested installing 48U cabinets of their own production at the facility for a more dense placement of the server equipment. It was decided to use the design of C3 Solutions as the main design of the machine room. The company developed a unified style of front panels for all installation equipment and manufactured them
at its own production site.

All constructs (12 racks for computing and 10 racks for telecommunication equipment, as well as the accessories and components of the insulation systems for hot corridors) were delivered to the facility within the specified terms. Thanks to the right choice of the models, the customer was able to accommodate 14% more server capacities than it was originally supposed, without losing their usability.
The specialists of C3 Solutions designed and installed the hot corridor insulation system, which ensured efficient cooling of the server equipment and helped to reduce the total energy consumption of the facility. Thanks to the high-quality operation of the system, the energy consumption for cooling decreased by 30%.
The most important thing that C3 Solutions was able to achieve on this project was to demonstrate the applicability of domestic solutions to solve serious government problems.

The products through which the solution was implemented
Mounting cabinets
Corridor insulation systems