DC for Federal Tax Service


Supply of Solution for the Largest Public Data Center

According to Kommersant, the Federal periodical, Dubna DC became “a part of the Russian biggest-ever project in the area of big data”. Backup DC was launched in Gorodets.

Work for DCs construction commenced in 2012. Dubna DC was completed in 2015, and Gorodets DC was completed in 2017.

In the course of project works, a number of tasks were set to the experts. Our company assisted in addressing some of such tasks.


  • Ensure maximum convenience of installation, connection and operation of server equipment;
  • Ensure reliable power supply for computing infrastructure with opportunity of consumption control;
  • Optimize operation of refrigeration system and reduce total level of the facility electrical energy consumption.


  1. Our specialists preassembled cabinets at the production site. The cabinets had the following elements installed: power distribution units, organizers and plugs, ceiling trays were installed on the cabinet roof. Then cabinets were packed and dispatched to the facility.
  2. Reliability of power supply was ensured by installation of power distribution units pursuant to 2N layout.
  3. Optimization of air-conditioning system operation was ensured by creation of hot aisle insulation system for FFC (full free-cooling system).


  • All required equipment was installed at the facility (preassembled cabinets with ceiling trays, cable organizers, plugs installed)
  • Power distribution units were installed into cabinets pursuant to 2N layout. Such units were equipped with digital ammeters allowing for control of load on power distribution system
  • Hot aisle insulation system adapted for FFC was installed


  • Preassembly work performed at the production site helped the customer to reduce time for deployment of cabinets twofold.
  • Power distribution units installed by us and equipped with digital ammeters allowed for monitoring of load on the power distribution system.
  • Hot aisle system installed reduces the power consumption by the air-conditioning system by 25-30% in average.