Branded cabinets for the Russian Army


Customized solutions

The Russian Army is a state military organization of the Russian Federation. Along with ensuring the security of Russia, one of its key tasks is to increase reliability of the country’s information space. Its solution involves the development of information and telecommunications infrastructure.

As part of the project to equip the data center of the Russian Army with all the necessary equipment, it was necessary to supply a large amount of engineering infrastructure, including installation of the cabinets and uninterruptible power supplies. Due to the fact that the customer is a state military facility, increased requirements were imposed on all elements of the infrastructure, in particular, on their compactness and mobility.

Special circumstances
The customer also identified specific requirements for the parameters and design of server racks. They needed to be made in non-standard sizes and decorated with the logo of the Russian Army, placing the image on the side wall and front door of each cabinet. Given the lack of a brand book, the manufacturer had to draw the logo in the required graphic format, select its size and color shades.

The solution to this problem was complicated by the fact that the logo had to be applied to the doors with perforations – this design is a necessary element of the ventilation system.

C3 Solutions attracted a professional designer to the project, who selected the color scheme and the optimal parameters of the brand name for its application on the rack cabinet. In order to place the logo on a perforated surface, a smooth metal plate was made. The drawing was applied directly to the plate, which was subsequently attached to the door of the rack. The specialists of the design bureau have chosen the best place to place the drawing so that it can be seen from anywhere in the machine room.

The customer received all the necessary equipment in full accordance with all indicated parameters, terms and design. In total, within the project of C3 Solutions, it manufactured and delivered by the individual order of the Russian Army about 100 mounting cabinets and PDUs.

The products through which the solution was implemented
Mounting cabinets and power distribution units.