Softline is a leading global provider of IT solutions and services operating in Eastern Europe, America and Asia. We help our customers to carry out digital transformation of their businesses and protect them from the threats with cyber security means. We offer comprehensive technological solutions, clouds, software and hardware, and a wide range of IT services.

Today, the IVS group of companies is the largest system integrator in the field of information technology in the Kama region. We offer a full range of tools, products and services necessary to automate the activities of any enterprise. We assist the enterprises in the selection, implementation and operation of IT solutions that increase their efficiency and are based on the latest developments from the leading world and Russian manufacturers.

Datark is an expert manufacturer of modular data centers and container-type solutions for various industries. Highly qualified staff, technical equipment and many years of experience of the company allow producing a wide range of standard solutions and unique projects.

Oberon has been operating in the IT market since 2003 and today it occupies a leading position in the implementation of complex projects: from the formation of an IT strategy and solution architecture to the construction of an engineering system and the introduction of modern telecommunications and information security products.

Oberon provides a full range of services for the audit, design, implementation and maintenance of information systems, including the construction and optimization of call centers, engineering and computing infrastructure facilities, development, integration of applications and services, information security, as well as service support in the mode 24/7/365.

IBS is a key technology partner for Russian business leaders and government agencies. The company transforms its team’s knowledge and understanding of the modern economy into new solutions that help increase competitiveness and achieve better results in the digital age.

GreenMDC's modular solutions provide a full range of business needs by offering highly reliable engineering infrastructure to host enterprise IT systems.

IXcellerate is the leading operator of Russian commercial data centers of Tier III reliability level. The company offers individual solutions for the placement of server and telecommunication equipment with the possibility of increasing capacity depending on the needs of the customers (Colocation). IXcellerate confidently ranks among the top 5 largest commercial data center market players in Russia with an indicator of 1,835 stays. At the beginning of 2019, the company announced a long-term development strategy, which includes investment plans in the amount of $260 million and the expansion of the network to 5 data centers with a total capacity of 16,000 rack seats by 2023.

STEP LOGIC LLC (Step Logic, has been providing network and system integration services in the Russian and international information technology markets for 26 years. As part of the GCS (Systematics Group of Companies), it is a member of the National Computer Corporation (NCC). The company has more than 600 employees, its offices are located in Moscow, Kazan, Yerevan and Almaty. The intellectual basis of STEP LOGIC is made up of over 300 engineers and system architects certified by the leading world manufacturers.

TERMOKUL group of companies is an association of the companies in the field of a complex of professional engineering services. The competencies of the group extend in the field of the design, configuration, production, installation, commissioning, maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems of IT infrastructure.

First Integrator supplies IT equipment from trusted manufacturers with warranty obligations and specializes in the integration of IT solutions for the corporate and government customers. The company's goal is to help organizations effectively use digital equipment to solve key business problems and focus on the strategic goals of the company.

Engineering Networks - Integration LLC was established in 2013. Our company presents a full turnkey work cycle for organizing IT and telecommunication networks of various profiles: design, selection of materials and equipment, and then construction: data transmission networks, low-voltage networks, video surveillance, access control and security equipment for business centers and offices, modernization of existing nodes, installation work. Since 2017, our company has been a member of the Union of Construction Companies of the Urals and Siberia under No. 4/0432-2017 and since 2019 the member of the Union of Design Organizations of the Southern Urals under No. P02-1833. We are the partners of the leading companies Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, D-Link, AXIS, AVAYA, Honeywell, Digital Patrol, dealers of the INKAB plant, NPP Polygon OJSC, etc.

Optivera is a leading network integrator of the Ural Federal District. The company has been operating in the IT market since 2002. Optivera provides the services for the creation and support of information infrastructure of the enterprises.  Authorization and certificates of more than 90 vendors. The employees have over 150 certificates. More than 200 projects throughout Russia.

DataDome is a system integrator of engineering systems that has been successfully operating in the data center market since 2000. The company's activities are related to the implementation of the projects of various technical complexity and turnkey scales. The main competencies of the company are the design, commissioning of engineering systems of data centers and transfer to operation, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of security, power supply and air conditioning systems. In its projects, DataDome is based on the principles of reliability, quality, safety and business continuity. DataDome’s employees have many years of experience in the design, construction and operation of data centers, and are certified specialists from major equipment manufacturers. 

RosIntegration Group of Companies is a new generation multivendor system integrator. We create complete solutions at the enterprises of any scale. We design, implement and maintain independent systems and successfully integrate infrastructure solutions of any complexity among themselves. Our expertise and many years of experience are the key to success of our customers' business.

3data is a network of premium data centers, the first in Russia to implement the concept of “Data Center within walking distance”. 3data data centers meet high requirements for reliability and safety at the Tier 3 level, and also have a convenient location in business districts of the city near metro stations and highways. A large number of sites allow implementing various distributed and catastrophic solutions, achieving high flexibility and fault tolerance, ensuring maximum network availability. The company provides cloud computing resources and data storage services on various platforms: OpenStack, VMware, IBM, etc.