C3 Solutions, a Russian producer and vendor of DC engineering solutions, presented its new solutions, mini and micro DCs, at Datacenter Design & Engineering international conference. The conference was organized by ICS Holding for professionals in the area of DC engineering infrastructure and operation.

Proprietary micro DCs presented by C3 Solutions aroused great interest among the exhibition participants. Popularity and increasing demand for such solutions are driven by their high functionality with maintaining reasonable price, and ensuring easy and quick installation. Micro DC from C3 Solutions is a fully-featured DC in a compact cabinet containing all necessary equipment, both engineering and server, for handling data storage tasks. It may be ordered and installed in only two days.

The product is an answer of the Russian developer to the market challenge: how to move beyond the alternative between data storage at outsourced commercial data centers and building of own DCs? Micro DC from C3 Solutios gained the particular interest of representatives of fast-growing companies for which price and implementation term factor is of maximum importance. The need for quick response of IT systems not restricted by parameters of communication channels, their availability and carrying capacity is another important feature to the portrait of a consumer of such solutions.

Maxim Kyrkunov, the General Director of C3 Solutions, told about all advantages of micro DCs for modern business and their practical use in the course of discussion “DC Infrastructure. Current Aspects. Quickly, Competently, Adaptively.” Maxim and other leading experts of DC building market also discussed matters of DC efficiency, time saving at the preproject stage, selection criteria for infrastructure solutions, and opportunity to reduce CAPEX along with ensuring flexibility for scaling and extension.

“We thank ICS Holding for organization of such an important event for the industry and opportunity to participate in such event together with other professionals and leading players of IT outsourcing market.” Maxim Kyrkunov commented. “It is a great opportunity not only “to see and be seen”, but also to exchange experience, familiarize with international innovations, get feedback from the customers, and contribute to development of the entire DC building industry in Russia.”