In April 2018, C3 Solutions took part in the 6thInternational Conference and Exhibition “Data Center Design & Engineering” held on April 26 by IKS Media in Moscow.

At the conference, the company presented its new solution, DC Box, Micro and Mini DCs of various dimension types and modifications. Mobile complexes for instant location of server equipment are made as closed IP56 19“ cabinets with full set of engineering systems:

  • uninterruptible power supply
  • precision air conditioner
  • gaseous fire suppression
  • monitoring

Key industry trends, new approaches to management and implementation of data center projects, and аtechnological novelties of SCS infrastructure organization and deployment were discussed at the conference as well.

The focus was made on the following issues: DS market development trends, load distribution among several sites, thermophilic servers, new approaches to cooling and power supply.