The demonstration was held inside the conference organized by C3 Solutions along with partners – GreenMDC and THERMOCOOL companies. The main purpose of the meeting was to show the operating facility to participants and explain engineering infrastructure features of the largest modular data center for Russian public sector.

The data center had been constructed for the Information Technologies Center of the Volgograd Region, a state institution founded for information and technical support of activities implemented by the Volgograd region authorities. The project implementers were GreenMDC Company from Saint-Petersburg in cooperation with C3 Solutions, Russian supplier of engineering solutions, and THERMOCOOL, cooling system equipment supplier.

Inside the project, C3 Solutions provided 26 cabinets for mounting server and telecommunication equipment, as well as passive components of structured cabling system (SCS). The cabinets meet the principal industry standards for standards for installation within data centers. The module has gas fire extinguishing system, fire alarm, video surveillance and access control.

The data center for Volgograd ITC was partially assembled at the production site, which significantly accelerated the project implementation: the module was installed and started operating within five months.The modularity principle also enables to cut construction expenditures and flexibly scale the  data center depending on the dynamics of business development.

The conference visitors included large Russian corporations (Norilsk Nickel, Rosatom, Volzhsky Pipe Plant), banks (the Caspian Bank, Sberbank), and IT companies (Softline, CROC, IBS, I-Teco, Technoserv), in total more than 50 representatives of the public sector and corporate business from different Russian and CIS cities involved in reliable data storage. The visitors attended the data center, could see its technical features and implementation stages, assessed the benefits and functionality. The customer representatives told about their experience of the facility operation and its first “baptism of fire”: the data center has coped creditably with loads associated with FIFA World Cup held in Volgograd. In the future, the reliable engineering infrastructure will allow the executive authorities of the Volgograd Region to expand the list of services provided by the state to people, as well as improve their quality and accessibility.

C3 Solutions CEO Maxim Kyrkunov told the visitors about potentials of Russian engineering solutions in the field of data center construction and C3 Solutions innovation – the equipment configurator for designing the DPC engineering infrastructure. Now, any person can fast and easily choose all necessary equipment without resorting to price lists.


C3 Solutions is a Russian manufacturer who entered the market of engineering solutions for data centers in 2013. The Company successful activity facilitated a significant increase of production capabilities within five years, and to expand the product line. At present, C3 Solutions products are similar by their parameters to world manufacturers’ products while providing significant savings. Recognition of experts, business reputation of the Company and a clear PR-activity resulted in DC Awards “For contribution to the development of the professional community” given to C3 Solutions in 2017. The chosen way of independent design and production in Russia provides flexibility in solving costumer’s challenges and comfort of relationships with business partners.

TRADE GROUP (THERMOCOOL Group of Companies) – HIREF S. p.A exclusive distributor in Russia. HIREF S.p.A. is one of the leading manufacturers of precision equipment for servers, data centers, telecommunication stations, providing the full range of products and technical solutions for cooling, maintaining a constant temperature and humidity in areas with high requirements for air condition.

GreenMDC is a Russian developer and manufacturer of modular data centers. GreenMDC modular data centers are solutions designed for indoors or outdoors installation of computing equipment.