About Company

C3 Solutions, a Russian vendor, came into the market of DC engineering solutions in 2013.

Successful performance of the company allowed for considerable increase in its production capabilities, and expansion of its product range in five years. In 2018, the range of the supported solutions includes:

  • DC power supply;
  • Cooling system delivery and efficiency management;
  • Rack solutions;
  • Assembly accessories for cable infrastructure arrangement;
  • Micro and mini DC.

At the moment, products of C3 Solutions are highly competitive with products of global vendors by their specifications while ensuring the substantial saving.

Recognition by experts, the company’s business reputation, and outstanding PR activities contributed to awarding of the prize “For contribution to development of the professional society” to C3 Solutions within the framework of DC Awards in 2017.

C3 Solutions counts on development of the partner network by means of active marketing programs and support of partner companies at all stages of transactions.

The chosen way of independent development and production in Russia ensures flexibility in dealing with the consumer’s tasks and comfort in cooperation with business partners.

Company’s Mission: revival of technological Russia and restoration of the engineering potential of the country.

Fundamental principles and values of C3 Solutions: trust, freedom of thought, challenge of stereotypes, flexibility in actions and consistency of approach.